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Forms the foundation for a student’s entire life, opening doors, broadening horizons and creativity, and enabling children to succeed. United Way creates, leads and invests in special programs that provide opportunities for students to develop positive lasting relationships and that provide strong pathways to graduation and success after high school.


Financial Stability

Enables families to plan for the future, build good credit and prepare for unexpected expenses. United Way invests in programs that afford our neighbors the ability to save, receive advanced tax preparation services and invest in our local economy. UW’s VITA Program offers FREE tax preparation services to individuals who ear $60,000 or less. Millions in tax returns are reinvested into the local economy.



Initiatives that address basic necessities can help individuals thrive and lead to safe and stable home environments. United Way invests in education programs that promote healthy lifestyles that range from teaching youth about nutritious meals and food security, to mental wellness and access to health care.


Safety Net

United Way invests in services that provide direct assistance to victims of domestic violence and the homeless; addition counseling; forensic interviews for child victims of abuse; disaster relief and much more. The Transportation Voucher program helps residents keep medical appointments, attend school and search for employment.

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You can Make a Difference Through United Way

Help us improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good. You can make a difference by  donating to the United Way of South Texas Campaign to address high-priority needs in the areas of Education, Health, Financial Stability and Safety. You can also make a difference through volunteering or becoming a local advocate.