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United Way of South Texas

Our Story

United Way of South Texas was officially established in 1981, by local individuals with a deep passion and desire to offer families the tools and support to become self-sufficient.  They were willing to personally invest in health and human service programs to address imminent community needs, and invited other community leaders and companies to join them on the journey.   It began with an annual fundraising effort that saved the community thousands of dollars, by consolidating fundraising efforts, providing a clear form of accountability, and investing in a diverse group of local non-profits. Every organization is looking to maximize its investments and time commitments. What better way than the United Way to reach this goal, giving through one agency to impact hundreds of thousands of residents, here at home.

By giving to the United Way of South Texas (serving Hidalgo and Starr Counties) you are “Making measurable and lasting changes right here where YOU LIVE.” The United Way of South Texas can help you plan and implement a campaign in your company.

99% of Your United Way gift remains in Hidalgo & Starr Counties. United Way of South Texas funds over 100 programs through over 20 Partner Agencies, numerous Community Impact Grant recipients and programs administered by United Way staff members, eight in total.  Through these programs, we are helping youth succeed, strengthening and supporting families by providing job training, elderly crisis assistance, transportation assistance, emergency shelter, CPR training, and many other critical services.

It takes Everyone working together to build something better. Today, You can Give, Advocate and Volunteer.

We are grateful and so proud of every United Way partner and supporter!  Your trust in our impact work allows us to invest in innovative programs that create positive results for families, in the areas of Education, Health, Financial Stability and Safety Net.

Lilly Lopez-Lillelea

President, United Way of South Texas

Our Vision

Allow all individuals and families to achieve their human potential through education, financial stability and healthy lives.

Our Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community to advance the common good.